vendredi 29 janvier 2016

Born in Belgium in 1993.

Very early, she begins to put in image her environment and all that surrounds her, including the people. Being guided by a spontaneous spirit, she learns and made her weapons by photographing her friends, mainly 15-year-old girls.

Then the photography becomes a way of expression of her imagination, often absurd or at least surrealist.

In parallel of her work on fashion, Charlotte tries to put a different and new look on the human being and his relationship with the body. 

She won the Prize Pictogram of the Young Fashion photography in 2014.
She counts several publications on the Internet and in the press, and works for various brands, always trying to develop her style, which she would want personal, multiple and colored.

This young photographer is one of my favorite at the moment. We can see her personality in her personal work but also in her fashion project. Her work is really rich in color and ideas. I really like this kind of new photographer.



The real boobs


mercredi 27 janvier 2016

Alain Willaume is a french photographer born in 1956. 
Far from all documentary notion, métaphore lives in his work. He experiment forms.

Echos of the dust and the fracturing, South Africa, 2012 

dimanche 24 janvier 2016

samedi 23 janvier 2016

First solo exhibition of American artist and musician James Hoff  in the gallery of The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog.
works from his ongoing “virus series”.

jeudi 21 janvier 2016

Elena Chernyshova is a Russian documentary photographer, based in France. She was born in 1981 in Moscow, USSR.

Volcanic Energy

BAM - New Hope  -  For National Geographic Russia - July 2014

Copyright © 2011 Elena Chernyshova

lundi 18 janvier 2016

Christopher Colville was born in 1974.
He is an artist working to push the boundaries of the photographic medium in both experimental and traditional forms.

The dark hours


dimanche 17 janvier 2016




 Freelance illustrator, collage and mixed media creative currently based in Reading, UK.

samedi 16 janvier 2016


French photographer  born in 1985.

Juliette Andréa-Elie draws her inspiration from collective narratives and personal memories. Her universe, steeped in images, emotions and myths, tends to give form to things usually left behind. She resorts to several media in order to capture the disappearance and resurgence of events and experiences.

Lauréate of the Fotoprize 2015. 


To beguile the time, look like the time
Dessin en embossement et photographie imprimée sur papier Pergamano, 63 cm x 45 cm 

Là où buissonnent les ombres, 2015
60cm x 40cm, impression pigmentaire et embossage


Les cordes de l'horizon
65cm x 40cm, impression pigmentaire sur papier calque et gaufrage, 2015

Au revers de l'été
65cm x 40cm, impression pigmentaire sur papier calque et feuille de bois, 2015